“Your Earlobes are so Ugly, I’m gonna join the Army to avoid looking at them!”

Use word cards to invent and throw silly insults at opponents’ Life Cards!

Start retort battles with Fill-In-The-Blank and Prompted Cards!

Yeah well, your landlord evicted you because… you kept licking his earlobes”

Yeah well, you’re so dumb, I’m convinced God takes long vacations!”

Match colors or symbols to keep the battle going!

You create the funny even if you’re not!

Game Contents:

  • 330 Cards:

  • 89 Life Cards (4 Blank)

  • 94 Insult Cards

  • 96 Retort Cards

  • 38 Curmudgeon Cards

  • 6 Cheat Sheets

  • 6 Lame Cards

  • 1 Last Breath Card

Player Token

Rule Book

Watch How to Play

Alternate Play

Create an Avatar!

If the idea of getting insulted makes you queasy, you can choose an avatar that people can insult instead. It’s like a buffer for your feelings. Here are a few ways to pick an avatar:
1) Deal out one insult card to each player. Type one of your provided insult words into your phone’s search bar, and choose one image that results from the search. That’s your avatar! Have some fun and create a name and backstory for your character. You can even use a silly voice when speaking!
2) Choose a photo of your favorite celebrity and use that as your avatar

3) Randomly scour the internet for any photo of a person to use as your avatar


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Curmudgeon is a game of insults! Use your own creativity to build insults from keywords. Throw those insults on other players’ Life Cards, engage in retort battles, win the battles and earn points. After the final round, all players have died and the game ends. The person with the most points wins and dies the biggest Curmudgeon!

Game Designed by
Adam Bain
and Grant Lyon

Illustrations by
Eduardo Comoglio

Graphic Design by
Adam Bain